Saturday, February 27, 2010

'Nine Squares Circles 1' Contemporary Colorful Abstract ARt by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Nine Square Circle 1'

30 x 30 x 2 Acrylic on Canvas

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© Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2010

 I didn't take the picture correctly above.  It should be rotated to the right once. Here the painting is hanging in the house.

Hanging in my breakfast area.

The Painting:  Oh my did I have fun yesterday at this time. I started this new painting.  I am not real good at planning ahead when it comes to art. I use to be, but not any more.  I always wait upon the Spirit of the Lord.  Yesterday I was waiting on the Lord...then it was waiting for the Spirit.  Yeah yeah, one in the same.  But if I paint with out the spirit the piece is lacking in a 'soul' or 'spirit' of its own.

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  1. Hi Laurie, I haven't been around in a while, just dropping by to catch up and your site is so beautiful, I didn't know I would find so much inspiration. Love this piece and your spirit.


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