Saturday, February 27, 2010

'Nine Squares Circles 1' Contemporary Colorful Abstract ARt by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Nine Square Circle 1'

30 x 30 x 2 Acrylic on Canvas

Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie

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 I didn't take the picture correctly above.  It should be rotated to the right once. Here the painting is hanging in the house.

Hanging in my breakfast area.

The Painting:  Oh my did I have fun yesterday at this time. I started this new painting.  I am not real good at planning ahead when it comes to art. I use to be, but not any more.  I always wait upon the Spirit of the Lord.  Yesterday I was waiting on the Lord...then it was waiting for the Spirit.  Yeah yeah, one in the same.  But if I paint with out the spirit the piece is lacking in a 'soul' or 'spirit' of its own.

Friday, February 19, 2010

'Full Circle' Mirada Gallery Colorado Colorful Equine Abstract Horse Oil Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace


24 x 36  Oil on Canvas

I am not on their website yet, but Mirada Fine Art of Colorado will be representing my work.
I am truly honored to be apart of this fabulous new gallery. Come spring, Terry and I will make a trip to visit and see my work hanging, and hopefully later this year you can visit me at a show of my work at Mirada Fine Art near Denver.  I also want to thank Kimberly Conrad for the fabulous referral to the Gallery.

Contact Steve at Mirada Fine Art, Colorado to purchase this painting.

© Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2010

The Painting: This was the piece I worked on during the documentary. As I finished it I knew it needed to be gallery bound, but did not realize I would be hearing from a wonderful gallery just outside of Denver.  Between the catch up days, I will do a few more pieces to send them and hope to visit there in the next few months.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'The Piercing Night' by Texas Artist Laurie Justus Pace Colorful Abstract Horse Oil Painting

'The Piercing Night'

30 x 40 inches  Oil on Canvas


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 © Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2010

The Painting:  Well, this collector liked a painting I did last year called "in the Heat of the Night."

Normally I do not like to try to recapture my own paintings as it is virtually impossible with contemporary art to do it. A realistic painting you can do it....but not with expressionism.  I decided I liked the horses set up better on the 30 x 40 inch spread allowing them a bit more space in development.  Sometimes I see other artists attempting to capture one of my paintings or styles, but each one is unique and full of the spirit of that particular painting.  Nothing forced, painted only in the true spirit of that moment and always original in one of my personal signature styles, not a style borrowed or imitated.  Did you know the first painted pony pull came from a nude with two left feet? You can't get more original than that!  While my art can easily shift to realism or impressionism with other subjects,  it is the creation of my expressionistic horses that encourages me to paint outside the box.

Judy Garland said it best.

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

Monday, February 8, 2010

'Nuzzle' Equine Art Colorful Abstract Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace


30 x 30 inches  Oil/Acrylic on Canvas

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 © Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2010

The PaintingThis is another new piece in my Earth, Sea and Wind Gallery Series 2010.  Using one of my signature styles on canvas, you have the blended underlays and overlays with runs and layering of Oil paints on top of those layers.  Tender emotions and solid play of colors create an world of intimacy.

The Circle of Intimacy

(“in to me see”)

We individually seek acceptance

Longing for moments filled with expressions of love and tenderness.

This is a special time for closeness and life sharing,

Yet we all realize the closer we become

The more vulnerable we become

With a greater risk of exposure and pain.

Our souls take to life in a dance

Connected through the threads of time

Intricately weaving the beautiful colors of each of our souls

In gentle movements

To implicate a union of harmonious spirits.

A circle of friends

To share this journey

Is  a great gift of intimacy.

Growing old and walking side by side

Facing the world together

We are stronger.

We have each other

And are never alone against the wall

Waiting for someone to ask us to dance.


Laurie Justus Pace

    Sept 2002

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

'Color of Light' Watercolor Horse Colorful Sunset Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Color of Light Pony'
Earth, Sea and Air Gallery Series 2010

6 x 6 inches  Watercolor on Aquaboard

$100 includes Shipping and Handling in US.

Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie
 © Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2010

The Painting:  Well, I continued painting in my new Gallery Series, Earth, Sea and Air. This is on fabulous aquaboard which leaves a wonderful textured feeling for the watercolor. This is so easy to slip into a frame and hang..or you could set it up on an easel as it is.  It is not watercolor paper. It is a heavy Masonite type board with the aqua surface to absorb the watercolors.

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