Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunset Herd Equine Oil Abstract Horse ART Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie pace

I wanted to post one of my signature painted pony pulls. It is always a compliment to have another artist try to imitate my work.  I developed this style back in 2006 after a show in NY with the Five Graces. If you know me well, you know the story behind it. The original first pony pull (aka the nude on 30 x 40 canvas) was purchased by a gallery owner in the UK. He continues to buy more from art from me and several of my other abstract styles with drip technique and glazed layerings. He wishes today he had not sold the original in his gallery, but had kept it for his personal collection. Neither he nor I would know that it would become so highly collected. 

You can follow stories and current interviews of my work in the upcoming July issue of Appaloosa Journal, the June issue as a featured artist in Western Art Collector, and in the June issue of Cowboys & Indians with the Artists of Texas.

This summer one of my Painted Pony Pulls will be featured in the Million Dollar Pfizer Hits on the Hudson with a Gallery opening August 7th in Woodstock NY at the Fletcher Gallery and then September 12th at the main event where the painting will be silent auctioned off to raise funds for horses.

The painting shown is a sold commission painting completed this week.  
Sunset Herd
24 x 36 inches of pure oil on smooth canvas,
special made by Rupen at

Uniquely and originally yours,
Laurie Pace

as Judy Garland always says:
"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

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