Thursday, April 23, 2009


Watch for tomorrow a new posting IF I can get to my easel. Uncle John is painting the walls in the studio area and Terry and I had to move the easels out, except for the 8 x 4 ft skyline of Dallas I am working on!

SLOW progress.

I am excited to share that the first posted heart is available on a t-shirt and will post the site as soon as I get it. It is for the American Heart Association for a fundraiser for a team up in Virginia I believe. After the regional or state group saw it, they just wrote and ask me to donate or do something for their fundraiser the 9th of May...hummm, that means do it NOW... so pray for me as I take this cause on.

My father, that has Alzheimers, also had bypass surgery, and later a pacemaker and a defib unit. The cause is close to my heart...pardon the pun.

God Bless,


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