Saturday, August 22, 2009

'Thirteen Trees' Landscape by Laurie Pace

'Thirteen Trees'
18 x 27 inches

Oil/Acrylic on Canvas

Contact me to purchase: Laurie

The Painting: From a workshop tape and experimental at best and harder than you think to work backwards for me. In all my 27 years of teaching of working back to front this one was opposite. The blues and purples actually covered the canvas first. The first layer of those colors is acrylic. Then I put in the sky in light blues leaving the contrast shapes. Next step was to put in color on the trunks. I switched to oils on the sky and trunks and then again on the ground as I laid in the colors of purples and blues.

The Thought: Working backwards. Well the models are put away. I said a prayer reminding God of how He fed the 5000 and asked if we could somehow manage to get the 5000 models into the closet.The collection has grown over the past two years.

I only say working backwards as this is the same closet I unpacked them in 22 months ago when we moved here. Terry packed them up and moved them to another bedroom closet. Then he moved them upstairs to the loft in our bedroom. NOT GOOD. Then he moved them into the garden room. THEN they went back to the bedroom closet. Two days ago I found them in my studio everywhere. So now they are back in the original location, The Hall Closet.

Can anyone explain WHY? One of those where you go around the barn several times before you find the door I guess. Or is it what goes around comes around?

Terry has been over busy with tiling the bathroom. He is on the back wall of the shower right now. More pictures as he finishes. PRAY for him as he is exhausted. He wants to have the bathroom finished by Tuesday.

We are usually facing deadlines and daunting tasks in our lives. Many things we do not want to face or deal with. Others are just things that we have to muddle through to finish. Know HE is with you through each and every trial and there is light at the end of your journey. Each task or event has its unique challenges and requires you to stay the course. Always this seems to task our very existence but in truth strengthens us for the next trial.

One step at a time... you will complete what lies ahead.


"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds," James 1:2

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